Venture Startup “Turnkey”

Development and creating of unique apps and games. Our team played different parts in different projects. Architecture, design, animation, till to investment presentations.

Funny Finch
According to researches, falling and/or mutilations, that conflict with Abraham Maslow’s humanistic theory, look most successfully in games. That’s why almost in every scene Finch faces irresistible difficulties, that caused substantial damage to his health.

Unique and quite funny character was created – playful dog Finch, which immediately has got «Funny» nickname. At creation Finch has got the whole spectre of life purposes (scripts), that were carefully added to gameplay.

Voice translator, that can hear with one language, but talk – Yours. Today it is already trivial common fact, but for its time – unique thing.

United Help
Unique app, the main point of – the following: it is an alarm button in your phone.

Cardiograph app in your phone.

Team members

  • Eugene MyronuykFounding Partner, Strategic DirectorBrain Tank
  • Olexandr KonovalovFounderTIW
  • Viktor TereshchenkoArt DirectorRoyal Advertising
  • Alexander NikityukArtistRoyal Advertising
  • Andrey FranchyukFounding Partner, Group Creative Director Brain Tank

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